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Beauty, functionality, finishes and skilful workmanship combined with cutting-edge aesthetics. A collection of modern style furniture for the living and sleeping areas, made of precious Canaletto Walnut and characterized by a harmony of sinuous curves and exclusive touch-sensitive lighting.

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Simple, elegant design. Fresh, contemporary style. The new Giorgiocasa living room furniture collection inspired by the latest interior design trends, offering custom creations based on personal taste and needs, made possible with a wide choice of arrangement options.
Modern furniture for elegant, appealing living spaces.

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A collection designed to enhance comfort and relaxation in the bedroom with unique, personal style, thanks to the myriad of available solutions. The new Giorgiocasa collection combines modern, elegant design with the company's distinctive trademark sartorial detail, as always.

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Charmingly contrasting shapes and inspirations. A collection that reinvents the concept of classic decor with modern, sophisticated furniture.
Bold colours and delicate pastels mingle for a day zone with a combined kitchen-living area whose style portrays upscale living yet still manages to be informal and inviting.

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Modern, elegant, designer living, dining and bedroom furniture. Sophisticated solutions that adapt to a wide range of interior design schemes with an impressive array of arrangement options. Original design and the finest Made in Italy craftsmanship.


Giorgiocasa has a historical focus on caring for the environment and environmentally sustainable production. This commitment led us to install a photovoltaic system on the factory roof covering more than 3,800 sq.m that generates 151 kWh and contributes to the company’s total power demands.

Everyone knows the environmental benefits of generating electricity with photovoltaic panels by now. Solar systems reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero. Every kWh produced reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere
by around 0.65 kg.
A build-up of carbon dioxide is what is causing the climate changes we are already experiencing.

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Events, collections, environmental action. In this section of the website we bring you the latest updates from Giorgiocasa.


Discover the new Giorgiocasa series, elegant contemporary furniture for day and night zones.


A collection made of precious Canaletto Walnut and characterized by a harmony of sinuous curves and exclusive touch-sensitive lighting.