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Giorgiocasa, a brand backed by forty years of success, was founded to epitomize the fine craftsmanship of the Veneto region. Although it was originally the brainchild of Giorgio Mozzo, who still owns and runs the company, over the years his son Gianluca and daughters Debora and Serena have become involved in the evolution of the family business.
From the initial design to the fine-tuning of each stylistic element, every step of the process is handled by a team of Italian professionals. The first essential stage is to carefully study the space, optimizing every part of it based on the architectural demands of the house and the personal desires of the client: from modular components to individual pieces, and from the type of finish to the choice of upholstery.


Solid wood is the true star of the Giorgiocasa collections. This key element, a hallmark of all our lines, is turned over to the expert hands of highly-qualified artisans who have worked at the company for years, and to carefully selected partners in our production area near Verona. This ensures a 100% Italian-made product.



From sponge-and-rag finishing to gold and silver leaf, every detail relies on the experience of skilled artisans. Because only the painstaking work of qualified experts will make the raw materials truly spring to life. Manual skill is the key to achieving a top-quality product that is sure to win you over with its elegant balance of wood, glass and fabric.



Prestigious fabrics and top-quality leather envelop the soft, yet ultra-durable filler of our seats and headrests. The fabric and leather are chosen in accordance with the tastes of our clients, so they can watch the design unfold before their eyes, living up to their expectations in every way. The manual skill of master upholsterers ensures flawless quality and customized furnishing solutions.



Traditional manual skills are combined with the very latest in technology, in a synergetic balance that puts Giorgiocasa collections on the top tier of production quality. Cutting-edge CNC machinery works side by side with master craftsmen, giving our company a competitive edge that is always channelled into creativity and fine design.